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3 Birds Insulation is the brain child of Martin Newmark a brother home inspector that’s been inspecting homes since 2004.

One frustration I’ve had with the homes I inspected is the level of insulation I found in various locations. That’s why I created 3 Birds Insulation.

My request is that when you see homes with low (or no) insulation levels please refer them to 3 Birds Insulation. You will help them save money every day, you will help them reduce wear and tear on HVAC equipment, you will help them live more comfortably, and you will have a direct impact on reducing waste. Your clients will thank you. Our contact info is:

3 Birds Insulation
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If you ever have questions about insulation please let me know. I’m happy to help.

Which homes don’t have enough insulation?

Most homes don’t have enough insulation. The current requirement for new homes in Colorado (since the 2012 building code) is R-49 in the attic. However, the most important homes to target for an insulation update are homes built in the 1980’s and earlier. Homes built in the 1960’s often don’t have wall insulation. We can fix that from the inside or the outside. A rule of thumb is that the less insulation they have the more important it is to add more and the more impact you will have on their lives.

Where should there be insulation?

Insulation should encapsulate the entire living space. So above, below and on the sides of the home. More commonly called the attic, walls, and basement or crawlspace. If you find insulation missing in any of these locations you will do your client a service by recommending that they upgrade their home.

Feel free to peruse this site and write me or call me with any questions.

Thanks in advance for all your referrals! -Martin Newmark – 720-309-4266.