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3 Birds Insulation has gone out of business. Thanks for thinking of us!

Comfort, savings, contribution, like feeding three hungry birds with one little meal. When you fix your home today you will benefit day after day after day as long as you live in your home. And since whoever you sell your home to will also benefit. That makes your home more valuable to your buyer and to you. And the contribution continues!

Our Vision

Our vision is to make the image of laying a blanket over your home, then all the homes of your neighborhood, our city, our state and our great nation a reality. This blanket will lower our heating costs, our cooling costs, make us more comfortable and conserve energy for generations to come. And if human caused climate change is a reality it is one of the two greatest contributions to change an individual can make. The other being driving a more fuel efficient car.

New homes are required to have insulation levels that most existing homes don’t even come close to having. Why should only new home owners enjoy the comfort and savings that you get when you insulate to today’s standards. Many existing homes have less than half the insulation required in a new home. Why should you pay more for your energy needs than them?

For a small investment, and you don’t even have to pack up and move, your home can be nearly as efficient as a new home.

Service Area

We service the Boulder/Denver metro area.